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1957        :

The state Geology branch was created  under the  Department  of Industries & Commerce.

1968-77   :

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) sponsored schemes -Investigated, identified and proved Iron ore, Limestone, Sithampoondi Anorthosite, Mamandur Multimetal deposits in the State - Geophysical  and Geochemical investigations were also carried out during 1968-77.

1975        :

Regional Mining Cells were opened  in  Salem, Tiruchirapalli,  Tirunelveli, Madurai, Coimbatore, South Arcot,  Chengelpet Districts.

1983        :

Evolved as a separate Department of Geology and Mining and Started concentrating in the field of Mineral Administration

1985        :

Established Geo Technical Cell, Coonoor.

1998        :

Established Geo Technical Centre, Kodaikkanal @  Dindigul. For Scientific Study and prevention and management of Landslide hazards in the state.

2007        :

Established Separate Exploration Wing for Mineral Exploration

2010        :

Implemented the system of Affixing Holograms in Despatch slips.

2011        :

Framed Tamilnadu Prevention of Illegal Mining, Transportation, Storage and Mineral Dealers' Rules,2011 under Section 23C of MM (D&R)Act,1957.

Amended TNMMCR,1959 by inserting Rule 38c for preventing Illegal Mining, Transportation, Storage and Regulating Mineral Dealers in respect of sand.


     The Department of Geology and Mining plays a nodal role in the exploration for minerals, grant of mineral concessions, regulation of transportation of minerals by issuance of transport permits, enforcement of Rules,    detection of illicit quarrying / mining / transportation  of minerals.