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Organization Set Up

Department of Geology and Mining

Thiru. Vi. Ka. Industrial Estate


CHENNAI - 600 032

Fax: 22500225

E-mail :  geomine@nic.in


Head office

      Department of Geology and Mining is functioning under the Industries Department of Government of Tamilnadu.  

     The Commissioner of Geology and Mining is the Head of the Department.

     Additional Director is the Technical Head of the Department, under the control of the Commissioner of Geology and Mining.


Mineral Administration:

     Five Joint Directors, Three Deputy Directors, Nine Assistant Directors, Four Assistant Geologists and One Assistant Geophysicst are posted in Head Quarters in the nine sections viz. MM (1-8) and MD dealing with the  works related to Mineral Administration and Mineral Development.The Mineral Development Section includes Exploration wing, Chemical wing, Drilling Wing, Gem Testing Lab.


District Offices

       There are 31 District Offices under the Department of Geology and Mining. The District Offices are Headed by

        Deputy Directors/Assistant Directors and are assisted by Assistant Geologists.