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Geology and Mining Department is functioning with effect from  April 1983. 
The functions of the Department are as follows:


Mineral Investigation:

This Department has been carrying out Geological exploration for identifying the occurrences of various mineral deposits in Tamil Nadu and estimation of their reserves for the purpose of economically exploiting them in the interest of Mineral Development both in Government and Patta lands as well as in fetching revenue from the mineral sector to the State Exchequer.  The Geological Investigation includes conduct of Geo-Technical Studies in the hill areas of the Nilgiris, Kodaikanal and  Palani ranges for purpose of identifying various paleaeo-scars and landslides prone areas so as to take adequate precautionary measures to prevent natural calamities in the slopes of hill areas .  The Study also facilitates various Departments of the State Government to execute their project in a planned way in the hill areas.


Mineral Administration:


Processing of Reconnaissance permit / Prospecting licence /Mining lease applications and Renewal applications for Major Minerals for grant of various licences thereof.


Processing of quarry lease applications for granite for forwarding the same to Government with suitable technical suggestions for or against grant of quarry lease. 


Collection of royalty and Seigniorage fee from the lessees of Major Minerals and Minor Minerals both in Government land and Patta lands respectively and collection of lease amount for grant of quarry leases in Government land in respect of leases granted in Government land.


Powers at different level and procedures to be followed for the grant of lease.

Mineral Concessions for Major Minerals are granted and regulated in accordance with the provisions of Mines and Minerals (Development and Regulation) Act,1957, Mineral Concession Rules,1960, Atomic Mineral Act 1964, Forest (Conservation) Act 1980, Mineral Conservation and Development Rules, 1988, Mines Act 1952 and Metalliferrous Mines Regulation 1961 and for Hydrocarbons under  Petroleum, Oil and Natural Gas Rules, 1959.

Grant of quarry leases for Minor Minerals is regulated under the rules of Tamil Nadu Minor Mineral Concession Rules,1959 framed by the State Government in exercise of powers conferred upon the State Government in section 15(1) of Mines and Minerals (Development and Regulation) Act,1957 and Granite Conservation and Development Rules,1999.

The State Government is the competent authority to grant Mining Lease/Prospecting licence / Reconnaissance permit for Major Minerals in Government poramboke lands as per section 10(3) Mines and Minerals (Development and Regulation) Act, 1957 and Mineral Concession Rules,1960.

However the powers to grant Reconnaissance Permit/Prospecting licence / mining lease grant and renewal in private patta lands is vested with the Director /Commissioner of Geology and Mining.

In case of common use Minor Minerals such as Rough stone, River sand, Brick clay, gravel etc otherthan granites the District Collectors are the permit/lease granting authority as per rules 3,6,7,8,12,17 and 19 of Tamil Nadu Minor Mineral Concession Rules,1959.   For common use minor minerals quarry lease in Government lands shall be granted  through the process of Tender-cum-Auction  as provided in rule 8 of Tamil Nadu Minor Mineral Concession Rules,1959. However in respect of patta lands, District Collectors may grant quarry leases for common use minor minerals directly on receipt of applications from the individuals as per rule 19 of Tamil Nadu Minor Mineral Concession Rules,1959.

In case of Granites, Government are the competent authority to grant quarry leases both in poramboke and patta lands as per rule 8A and rule 19A of Tamil Nadu Minor Mineral Concession Rules,1959 respectively.  In respect of Government lands leases shall be granted as per Tender-cum-Auction and in patta lands leases can be granted duly on receipt of applications from the individuals.


Format of applications:

For Major Minerals:- Formats of applications for both fresh and renewal of Reconnaissance Permit /Prospecting licence/Mining lease are already statutorily prescribed in the Annexures to the  Mineral Concession Rules, 1960 and they shall alone be followed:

Some Important application forms:-   (See also : Application Forms)

Application for Reconnaissance Permit 


Form – A

Application for Prospecting licence


Form – B

Application for Renewal of Prospecting licence


Form – E

Application for Mining Lease


Form – I

Application for Renewal of Mining Lease


Form – J

Application for Revision


Form – N

The receipt of all applications shall be statutorily acknowledged by the District Collector as prescribed in Form D


For Minor Minerals:

For all the Minor Minerals including Granite the format of applications prescribed in the Appendices of Tamil Nadu Minor Mineral Concession Rules, 1959 is detailed below:

For Granites in patta lands



For Granites in Government lands


Appendix-VI A

For other Minor Minerals in Government Lands



For other Minor Minerals in Patta lands



For stone quarries to the released bonded Labour/ SGSY Co-operative Societies


Appendix-VI B


Contact Officer 

At District level, the concerned Assistant Director/Deputy Director of  the District Mine’s Office is the Contact Officer.

In State level the Additional Director of Geology and Mining is the Contact Officer.  The address  with Telephone Numbers is given below:

Additional Director of Geology and Mining,
Thiru. Vi. Ka. Industrial Estate,
Guindy, Chennai-600 032
Ph: 044 –22501873, 22501874,
FAX:  044-22500225.

Time limit for disposal of the Reconnaissance Permit /Prospecting licence /Mining Lease Applications etc,

As per the rule 63A of Mineral Concession Rules,1960 the time limits for disposal of the application in respect of Reconnaissance Permit/Prospecting licence/Mining lease /Renewal of Mining Lease shall be as follows:-

Reconnaissance Permit


Within 6 months from the date of receipt of applications

Prospecting licence


Within 9 months from the date of receipt of applications

Mining Lease/Renewal


Within 12 months from the date of receipt of applications

Provided that the above said periods shall be applicable only if the applications are complete in all respects.

If the applications could not be disposed of within the period as specified above, the reasons for the delay shall be given in writing.